Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Another year coming to an  end. Unbelievable! I wish each of you a safe and happy 2016. Be kind and honorable; care  for others; shop whenever it makes you happy. Remember that treasure awaits you around every bend in the road. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Here's a picture of the snow globe made with the Ball jar that I found at CHKD. Just have to add the tinsel around the lid. But it's Christmas, so I'm out of glue.  What kind of woman buys old jars instead of practical craft supplies? This kind!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my shopping friends!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Yesterday was possibly my last thrifting trip before Christmas, and it was a successful one.

I  am making snow globes for gifts this year out of old Ball jars, mostly blue ones. I still need to make one for my son's girlfriend, but I am all out of jars. So I headed to one of my favorite quick stops, CHKD Thrift on Broad St. in RVA. I love to shop in this store and support its very worthy cause, the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters, a cancer hospital for children.

I headed first to the still copious supply of Christmas merchandise. There I found a gift  for myself --- 8 matching cloth Christmas napkins from the 1960's. They feature bright red and green Currier and Ives type folk on a white background. I always use mismatched cloth napkins on my Christmas table and never dreamed of having 8 that match!

With a happy heart, I headed to the checkout. Oops! With embarrassment, I asked the chaser to hold my napkins while I went to look for the item that I had come into the store to find, the jar. Heading to the glass section, I first spied a FLOW BLUE PLATE.   What? in a thrift store? The joy of this find is that my son tries to buy his grandmother a piece of flow blue each Christmas to add to her collection. This year, he has found none. He was pretty delighted by my text telling him that I had found a plate, in excellent condition, for $2.98.

In close proximity to the plate, I found a 2 quart Ball jar, not blue, but definitely old, complete with its metal top. It cost 98 cents. Key the Hallelujah Chorus here.

CHKD is a fabulous stop for interesting last minute gifts. Check it out if you are in Central VA.

Good luck with your last minute Christmas preparations! Take a minute, when you can, to tune out the lights, the canned Christmas carols, and the car commercials, and look for the baby in the manger.

Merry Christmas,


Friday, December 11, 2015

Haven't written a post in ages because, in case you haven't noticed, it's Christmas! My favorite time of the year. I love MidCentury Christmas and I so enjoy filling every surface in my home with it.

Christmas is also a time for reaching out to help others and I have tried to spend as much time as possible doing that as well. So I have done  no treasure hunting and even less blog posting.

Yesterday I had a fun day, a combination of friend time and shopping. My best shopping buddy Ruth Ann, often a star of this blog, is leaving for her home in Florida right after Christmas. So we took time out of our Christmas craziness yesterday to have some time together. We ate Mexican food, talked forever, and ended with dessert and gifts at my house.

But in between, we had to make one last treasure hunt until we reunite in spring 2016.

So... A few months ago, I spied a sketchy looking vintage store that had opened in a converted gas station. Not a cute converted gas station, but one that has been covered and reconverted until it looks tired. Yesterday we decided to check it out.

Fascinating! Two girls have divided the building down the middle and have separate shops. The first girl was just "setting up" when we arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon. (what?) Her merchandise was kind of piles of boxes and plastic storage tubs. She followed us around, apologizing that she was trying to get her shop set up because she had only been open since JULY. We were not impressed. I did find one German glass Christmas tree topper which is PINK, and paid her 2 dollars for it May not return to her shop.

We thought we had seen all that the gas station had to offer, but then we decided to check out the shop on the other side. Pay dirt! We met a lovely girl who was outside painting a table and chairs. She buys estates and sells her treasure in the gas station. We spent a happy 45 minutes combing through her small indoor/outdoor space.

She had an amazing  assortment of things. She had purchased a collection of MidCentury dogs, fascinating! I treated myself to one, an aqua daschund planter who I believe is unmarked McCoy.

If you read this blog, you will remember that a few months ago, I bought a pair of little girl's pink cowboy boots at one of my local haunts. Yesterday, I bought the exact pair of pink Durangos with steel tips. So strange, they were on a table of boots and they were absolutely meant for me. Different size but same boots! They will be online very shortly. I was impressed the this girl is working hard and running a fair business. Will absolutely go back after the first of the year.

I'm wishing each of you a peaceful holiday spent doing what makes you happy.

Remember to send out a prayer for peace in our world.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Well, I'm doing better --- two posts on two consecutive days! Yes, I have another shopping adventure to report, so clearly I am a happy camper. Or shopper.

Received a text last evening from a neighbor who was having a yard sale this morning. She stated that there might be Some Things that I would be interested in. Definitely capital letters when she said "Some Things", so I  hoped that there would be treasure with my name on it. And Eureka, there was.

She was selling the top of an old kitchen cabinet, glass in the doors, old shabby white paint, old aluminum handles. Long ago, someone had painted CHERRIES in the corners. So very cool. It is mine now. I will try to work it into my kitchen eventually, but for now, it is in my booth at Oddballs Antiques. Hoping to will draw people like me who love to peer into cabinets for tiny and interesting items.

I just have to wash it up a bit. Pictures to follow. I also bought a striped glass juice set, green glass candlesticks, a mercury glass candleholder for my Mom, a green Fiesta platter, and salt and pepper shakers. 

Yes, there are terrible things going on in the world, and yes, people need help every day, and I do try to do my part. But spending a little money on something old and bringing pride and pleasure to the person who sold it to me still seems like a worthwhile thing to do. 

PS -- The Putz church above is one of the treasures I bought from my friend referenced in the last  post.

Happy shopping!  

Friday, November 20, 2015

I am SUCH a bad blogger! It has been way too long since I wrote, but I have not had a shopping venture worthy of the ink. Until yesterday...

I need to tell you about my friend Mary Margaret. I met her when we were both selling in a nearby antique mall. She was a down to Earth girl, but the things in her booth were amazing. Quality primitives, old children's items, and tons of gorgeous old Christmas stuff.

One day, she introduced herself and a friendship began. We came in together on days when the shop was closed and worked on our booths. She began to bring in things for me to look at when the shop was closed and we did some great deals this way.

I began to realize that her home must be the Taj Mahal of primitives and the Palace of Mid Century Christmas. Someday, I thought...

But Mary Margaret was clearly independent and also a bit, um, scatterbrained? There was the time when she promised to  bring a bag of antique baby clothes by my house for me to see and purchase. I waited patiently, but she never came. Several hours later, she called and asked if I liked them. I haven't seen the bag, I replied. Turns out, she had left them on the wrong porch. My husband and I canvassed the neighborhood; I was so afraid that someone would  throw them in the garbage. Finally Mary Margaret  remember more details about the house where she had left them, and I finally found them after a stressful 24 hours.

We continued to do deals out of grocery bags in the parking lot. A child's wicker rocker, little girl's dresses, even a fabulous old papier mache jack o lantern.

But she always managed to  find a reason why I couldn't come to her house and shop.

So I was pretty thrilled when she called last week and had changed her mind. I considered driving over right then, but thought that might appear a trifle pushy.

Yesterday, I spent a happy hour in her home and it was worth the wait. Her home was beautiful and as filled with treasures as I had hoped. She enjoyed telling me stories of where she had acquired many of her things, and shared family stories about others. With her dog Angie hanging on every word, she  told me about driving home from North Carolina with a magnificent primitive corner cupboard on the top of her Datsun 240 Z, and showed me the tin belonging to her grandfather which had held her treasures as a girl, including her prized swimming medals.

I actually learned a great deal from her, and thoroughly enjoyed the time. And what do I have to show for it? Booty extraordinaire! Gurley Christmas candles, putz houses, an old Santa from Japan, Shiny Brites, Victorian postcards. Some are for me, some are gifts, and some will show up in my Etsy shops.

But more importantly, we have forged a friendship born of a love for old things which will continue to thrive.

The way to a friend's house is never long...

Thursday, November 5, 2015

WOW! Over 2 weeks without a post, which means, sadly, more than 14 days with no vintage shopping!

It has been a busy time ---  Halloween, getting my dad to some doctor's appointments, and gathering coats for needy kids. That shopping was fun!

Today is a rainy morning in RVA, and it seemed a good time to cover another of my favorite kinds of shopping, and the only kind that I have done lately: internet shopping.

An entirely different feel than searching a dim and dirty basement for treasure, but a treasure hunt nevertheless.

I don't mean buying a tablet from Amazon. I love buying from individuals online, and my favorite  sources are Etsy and Ebay.

Amazing how one can have a personal shopping experience with an individual across the country or the world, but it happens  many many times every day.

The internet has the distinct advantage of global searching; if you are craving a vintage felt elf with a gold suit for under $15, just put it in your search engine and get happy.

In the past week of busy days, I have found time for 2 internet purchases, and both qualify as  successful treasure hunts.

I bought a group of vintage knee hugger elves from ninermont on Ebay. Great seller with fair prices and reasonable shipping.

I also found a fabulous  etsy shop called Red Sled ornaments where a talented artist named Judi makes ornaments starting with images from old Christmas cards and postcards. Really attractive and fair pricing. Her shipping charge is the same for 1 ornament or 5, so  why buy only one?

So, for those of you who don't share my joy in getting your hands dirty while shopping, check out treasures online.

Just not at work...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Yesterday was a perfect fall day in Richmond VA. Blue sky, golden light, a few red leaves, and neon yard sale signs. Who could resist?

I truly would have stayed home in the morning and attended to housework, but I needed to visit a friend in the hospital, so off I went. And since the hospital route took me through some nearby old neighborhoods... well, you can guess the rest.

The first sale was a bust; new items mostly. I wished the young couple well and headed onward.

Then, another sale sign caught my eye so I turned down a promising street. Tables laden with old drawers full of tiny items caught my eye; this one was worth a stop.

I zoomed to a stop and then proceeded to stroll casually among the tables. My heart pounded when I saw two large  old plastic horses. One had General Lee on his back, and the other held Roy Rogers. This guy had good stuff.

As I was trying to look casual, someone spoke to me and I turned around to see... my Avon lady.

Turned out that the guy having the sale is her son.

We chatted and she introduced me to her son. Clearly, he is a dyed in the wool, old style collector, right down to his three day beard and a very ancient cap.

We talked about a local flea market ( a tip I filed away) and kindergarten. Interestingly, we attended the same one. He has sales several times a year, he told me, and I promised to keep an eye out for his signs.

Bond established, I got good deals on a baby head vase, a plastic jewelry box with KITTENS on top, old Halloween paper items, a hanky box, and some old Donald Duck Christmas cards, never used.

The baby head vase has a major jagged crack on the back, so she cost 25 cents. Doesn't matter, since she is for me.

Couldn't afford either Robert E. Lee or Roy Rogers, but I did get a free Avon book.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Friday to all! Should be a good weekend for estate sales, yard sales, and general treasure hunting.

I have had fun shopping this week in the houses of two friends.

One is downsizing due to illness; a friend and I have helped her get ready for a sale of her many antiques. I'm happy to report that the sale was a grand success.

And some pretty things came to live at my house: celluloid jewelry, doilies, Flow Blue, and lots of vintage baby girl items.

It was great to help her and shop at the same time. I especially enjoyed rooting around in the attic! 

Another friend is divesting herself of 40 years of collectibles, stored in her attic.

I am no longer a fan of Hallmark ornaments from the 80's and resin Halloween figures, but I climbed the attic stairs, determined to find SOMETHING interesting.

I was rewarded with some great items to consign for my friend --- an old coat rack, shabby vintage cookie cutters, and a ton old Shiny Brite Christmas balls.

SO... a 2 attic week! I call that a rare opportunity. I had a ball and hopefully helped some friends out as well. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

No posts lately because sadly, I haven't been shopping. Unbelievable but true.

I tried very hard this morning because, after all, Hurricane Joaquin is heading for the East Coast, and that is  surely a reason to go hunt for vintage.

Hit one of my favorite thrift stores but no dice. No treasure today.  Especially sad, since today was 25%  off day.

In the absence of any new finds,  I'm posting a photo from one of my last great adventures, the Day of The Pink Cowboy Boots. I'll have to exist on  my memories.

Stay safe, everybody.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Yesterday was an epic shopping day. Hmmm... another phrase I overuse.

My sister in law Anita  is visiting from Florida, and she is an accomplished  thrifter. Yesterday we intended to head to some nearby consignment stores, but fate intervened.

About a mile from home, I saw THE SIGN. In the nearby old neighborhood of Lakeside, Brenda and her mother sell treasure in their garage. No license, no advertising, only THE SIGN.

This pink posterboard rectangle appears maybe twice a month on the odd Friday or Sunday. It signals to those in the know
that Brenda is open for business.

When I saw THE SIGN, I told Anita that we needed to make a quick detour. It may be too  dirty, I apologized, or too hot. If you don't like it, we won't even get out of the car.

We were there for two hours. By the time we left, Anita was Brenda's new best friend.

I accumulated 1970's baby clothes with their original tags, Lefton Christmas figures, Fenton glass, a 1930's Charles  Dickens book, an antique silk teddy worthy of Lady Mary Crawley, and ... PINK cowgirl boots. Absolutely meant to be mine.

Dingo, size 1. If they were 9's, I would be wearing them now.

My Mom and Brenda's Mom, both 83, visited while we shopped. We finally left with hugs and promises that Anita would return every time she comes to Virginia.

But I can  go back the next time that I see THE SIGN.

Friday, August 28, 2015

A perfect day in RVA. A blue sky with a few puffy clouds; temps only going into the mid 80's. A gentle breeze.  I know we need rain, but today is truly just about perfect.

Today I drove out into Hanover County, the "country ", to shop at a friend's house.

I met Carol when she became one of my  Etsy customers. Since then, we have had tea together and visited each other's homes. Carol's daughter has recently married and moved out of the area, so Carol is ready to sell some of the treasures that she had hoped her daughter might want someday.

We caught up for a while, and I had a nice conversation with Carol's new man friend. I also met his dog. Not surprisingly, I liked the dog best. The dog's name was Baxter. Or Brewster. The man's name was Berkeley. Or Baxter. Or Brewster.

We finally got down to serious looking and selling. What fun!

I came home with a box of 60's through 80's vintage baby items; lots of sweet dresses and 3 pair of tiny patent leather shoes. Baby boy outfits too.

I also bought Carol's Raggedy Ann and Andy from the 1960's and a tiny bisque doll. Perhaps my greatest treasure was her wooden tricycle from her childhood. A faded blue wood seat with  white bunnies painted on it!

A great start to the weekend. Will do my very best to avoid yard sales tomorrow.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Cute pattern from Saturday's yard sale!

Reminds me of a seersucker dress that I had at about age 6.

WHIle wearing the dress one summer day, I leaned over the outer fence of the bear exhibit at the National Zoo in Washington, DC and tore the seersucker most of the way down the bodice.

My mother was horrified, but I was too young  for modesty and I spent the rest of the day feeling cool and comfortable, with extra ventilation down my front.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yard Sale Part #2

A gorgeous day in RVA! The morning temp was in the high 70's and the sun was glorious but not too strong. A respite from a hot, humid August.

A perfect morning to follow up on the lead from last week's yard sale where I met the flock of sisters and Zoe the cat. I followed the directions that the girls gave me last Saturday and found their mother's house on a country road only about 15 minutes from  my home.

A big two story house with a shady front yard full of old stuff piled on tarps and tablecloths. My cup of tea!

I moved one display of 25 cent stuffed animals to buy the printed Mid Century table cloth beneath.

I had a great time, but when I got home, many of the items I had bought had a paint stain or chip that I had missed.

Still the sale was great fun and the box I brought home only cost me $7.00.

Friday, August 21, 2015

No shopping this week! Amazing for me!

This lovely sugar bowl, made in Japan, is a find from last week's thrifting. 

Tomorrow is Saturday and I may take in a yard sale, part #2 of last Saturday's sale with the fun ladies and Zoe the cat.

Happy weekend, everyone! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cannot. Shop. Today. Absolutely not.

That was my plan for today as I drank my coffee on the screen porch this morning.

There was laundry to do, a vacuum to run. My parents needed some help. Plus, I had a grand day of thrifting with my friend Julie yesterday.

So... Absolutely not.

The day was clicking along according to plan until my son called about 1:00 and needed a ride to pick up his car from the service center.

No problem; grabbed my wallet and took off.

I could not be held accountable for the inviting array of yard sale signs around the Farmer's Market on Lakeside Avenue, another of my favorite shopping haunts.

Sadly, it was now after 1:00, and most of the sales were packed up, vanished except for their enticing signs.

Why would you stop anyway? I asked myself, You found everything you needed yesterday.

 Or did I?

I recalled that Julie had searched for a vintage syrup pitcher to hold her evaporated milk. Winter is coming and she will need milk for her tea. Thus, a syrup pitcher is vital.

I continued on my way home and then I saw it; some women loading the remains of their sale into tired cardboard boxes.

I stopped. After all, Julie needed her pitcher.

"Still open for shopping?" I asked. They were happy to have another shopper and ready to deal.

They were lovely girls.  We visited; I met a cat named Zoe; I arranged to shop with them at another yard sale next weekend at another sister's home.

I left with a white McCoy vase, an old aquarium castle, some amazing 1960's plastic toy brooches
 (original package!),an ironstone hen on a nest,  and yes, a syrup pitcher.

It's not as old or as fine as what I had in mind for Julie, but it will probably work for her.

And if not, it was worth the stop.

I could not make this stuff up. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

So my thrifting buddy and I started out early this morning and headed to Southside, the "other" side of RVA, thick with thrift stores.

We spent the morning at one of my luckiest venues, the Family Thrift Center, a dark barn of a building packed with great stuff.

I reluctantly left behind a Madame Alexander who seemed too dear at $25.00, but I did snag a Nippon rose china  sugar bowl , hand painted, and a Homer Laughlin turkey platter.

Not bad for a morning's work.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Today we cover a very specific style of vintage shopping which could be called, technically speaking, um...stealing.

The fabulous shabby green vases above are an example from my past.

My family spent many Sunday afternoons in my youth riding through Hanover County, Virginia. 

My mom and dad loved to stop at abandoned houses, dumps, any place where there might be TREASURE.

And we did find some wonderful treasures.

We often stopped at the church where my great grandparents and other ancient relations were buried in a lovely shady cemetery. I loved the place, reputed to be haunted by the ghosts of slaves and Thomas Nelson Page, an interesting combination. 

On one Sunday visit, my mother spied the trash pile, heaped high with inviting rusty green things. These turned out to be about 50 really cool spiked cemetery vases. The church had apparently bought a like number of sad looking plastic ones and called it progress.  

Mom  scooped the metal vases up with glee and instructed my father to pile them into the back of our Chevy station wagon.

Somehow, she never figured out what to do with them and last Christmas, I suggested that, after about 40 years, it might be time to clear the box out of the attic.

Numerous crafters have been thrilled to turn them into Christmas trees.

Why didn't we think of that? Probably we were too busy looking for more treasure. For us, that is the fun part. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

No shopping today; just wanted to share Dot's hat with everyone per my last post.

Next adventure will be a thrifting trip on Friday.

I was talking with a friend online last evening about Kestner dolls and had to show off my beautiful Kestner baby. She's not for sale, but I thought others might enjoy seeing her pretty face. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

One of my favorite shopping venues in recent years has been the home of my elderly  friend and neighbor, Dot.

Dot didn't need money, but she loved to play store. Frequent yard sales used to be her trademark and  when she became housebound, she moved on to house sales.

Her loyal housekeeper/ nurse would set up  folding tables , at Dot's direction, in her dining room. Then Dot would point and direct, and the nurse would fill the tables with possessions that Dot wanted to sell.

She always called me when this event was imminent, and we had great visits over those folding tables of treasures. I bought glass, pocket books; one time, a fudge box from a now defunct local department store, Thalhimers, with petrified fudge still inside.

Lots of Dot's possessions grace my home. In my bedroom, a pink purse of hers hangs on a wooden rack, next to a little sign that says "Do one thing every day that makes you happy."

Yesterday, I shopped in Dot's house for the last time. Dot died a couple of months ago at the age of 95. Her son invited me to  shop through what was left in her home.

Her son and I  had a great visit, reminiscing and laughing about his amazing mother.

We struck a deal on her large Karastan rug that I have coveted for years. Tomorrow I will redesign my dining room around it.

I also bought rhinestone shoe clips, a muslin bed jacket, a pink 1940s dress, a Mid Century clothes hamper, enamel flower pins, and gloves.

Perhaps best of all, I bought a showy flowered hat to hang in my bedroom next to her purse.

Buying the possessions of those who have died isn't creepy or sad. It continues that individual's legacy, tying the past to the future.

It is an even better experience when the individual is someone that you have known, and maybe even loved.

Rest in peace, sweet Dot.

Do one thing every day that makes you happy! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Here's an interesting doll! I received a phone call last month from a woman who had picked up my business card in the brick and mortar shop where I sell, OddBalls Antiques in Henrico, VA.

She chatted a while; then invited me to come to her home to view  items that she would like to sell. She enticed me with the promise of her Shirley Temple doll from her childhood. I would have gone to an axe murderer's house for a chance to see  and possibly buy a 1940's compo Shirley.

And as another teaser, she promised Mid Century printed tablecloths! 

With the help of my GPS, I arrived at her home in a well to do neighborhood. I found the woman to be a pleasant retired teacher who had actually sold at an antique mall where I once had a booth.

So... talking points!

Sadly, her formal taste did not jive with my own shabby lacy I just like it  taste, and neither Shirley nor any tablecloths were in sight. She promises to look for both and call me again.

But I did buy a few items: a hand cut silhouette of her daughter, now aged 60; a smocked baby dress, a much older silk baby dress, and... this pretty girl.

She is a mystery girl, but oh so pretty. She has the grace of a Madame Alexander, but she is unmarked.

I had hoped to refurbish her myself, but now I am thinking that I do not need yet another project.

Even without hair, she is hauntingly beautiful. 

So if anyone has any thoughts about who this doll is or who made her, I would love to hear them.

Meanwhile, I will probably trek back to my new friend's home soon, ever in search of Shirley. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

First listing from my Florida shopping. I found this little guy at Emiline's, the antique mall that I love in Palmetto.

Not sure if the work is hand done... but it is an amazingly detailed little dog. 3D and fuzzy, just like the real thing!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pastel Vintage on Etsy

Here's Pastel Vintage!
Home from my trip to Florida and Savannah!

Always so good to be home, right?

My etsy shops are back online and I look forward to adding some new treasures in the next few days!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

More shopping today...

Today I have to give a shout out  to one of my favorite antique malls, Emiline's in Palmetto, Florida.

I had a fun time there today with my brother and sister in law.

And my husband, who usually only looks, became attached  to a set of 4 metal ice cream chairs with red vinyl seats. Before I knew it, he and my brother had paid for them and loaded them into our car. I may have to ride on top of them all the way to Virginia...

Back to Emiline's...brightly lit, clean, good AC, and friendly staff. It's easy to find... Right on Highway 301. 

I bought some awesome monogrammed hankies  which you will see in Pastel Vintage very soon.

Also an old souvenir Florida teapot, PINK, with a flamingo on the front. That may stay at my house.

So if you see a woman going north on 95 this week, sitting on top of an old ice cream chair, wave at me!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Friday!

Time to find an estate sale or two, wherever you live.

Yesterday I found treasure in an unlikely place...the Salvation Army in Venice, Florida. This is a dark barn of a building, usually full of wicker and rattan. But I always check the children's section for baby items. In 10 years, I have never found any, til now.

Approaching the half filled children's rack, I spied a pair of old baby shoes. Hmmm...

If someone has donated baby shoes from long ago, what else did they bring? I looked around for a few minutes and then began to find a few pieces, and then a few more, 1960's baby girl items.

Someone in this resort community had cleaned out a forgotten dresser and donated their baby girl's wardrobe! I spent a happy half hour holding dresses, gowns, and rubber lined panties up to the light.

I came away with a silk baby jacket, a Nannette dress, a formal sac, and a crystal pleated dress by Tiny Tots. All so sweet!

And did I mention that it was HALF PRICE DAY? See, crazy fun!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

So's time for Pastel Vintage to have a blog.

Pastel Vintage is my crazy fun vintage business which consists of finding, falling in love with, possessing, and occasionally selling vintage treasure.

I love patent leather, pearls, and polka dots.

I brake for taffeta and tulle.

I have been known to scream over vintage baby dresses, and to drool over crinolines. 

I joy in sniffing out all of the above and more wherever I can find it. 

So I hope  you'll stop by often to read about my crazy shopping adventures and to view some of my favorite things.