Sunday, October 18, 2015

Yesterday was a perfect fall day in Richmond VA. Blue sky, golden light, a few red leaves, and neon yard sale signs. Who could resist?

I truly would have stayed home in the morning and attended to housework, but I needed to visit a friend in the hospital, so off I went. And since the hospital route took me through some nearby old neighborhoods... well, you can guess the rest.

The first sale was a bust; new items mostly. I wished the young couple well and headed onward.

Then, another sale sign caught my eye so I turned down a promising street. Tables laden with old drawers full of tiny items caught my eye; this one was worth a stop.

I zoomed to a stop and then proceeded to stroll casually among the tables. My heart pounded when I saw two large  old plastic horses. One had General Lee on his back, and the other held Roy Rogers. This guy had good stuff.

As I was trying to look casual, someone spoke to me and I turned around to see... my Avon lady.

Turned out that the guy having the sale is her son.

We chatted and she introduced me to her son. Clearly, he is a dyed in the wool, old style collector, right down to his three day beard and a very ancient cap.

We talked about a local flea market ( a tip I filed away) and kindergarten. Interestingly, we attended the same one. He has sales several times a year, he told me, and I promised to keep an eye out for his signs.

Bond established, I got good deals on a baby head vase, a plastic jewelry box with KITTENS on top, old Halloween paper items, a hanky box, and some old Donald Duck Christmas cards, never used.

The baby head vase has a major jagged crack on the back, so she cost 25 cents. Doesn't matter, since she is for me.

Couldn't afford either Robert E. Lee or Roy Rogers, but I did get a free Avon book.

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