Sunday, January 24, 2016

Few things keep me from thrifting, but a monster snowstorm is one of them. After two days of steady snowfall, we woke this morning to  SUNSHINE. We estimate about 20 inches on the ground. It is beautiful!

Have not been out of the house since Friday morning; have not been out of the neighborhood since Thursday afternoon. I did not feel bored or stir crazy; I enjoyed shopping in my basement for forgotten treasure.

The normally outdoor semi feral  but spoiled tomcat accompanied me on my forays into forgotten boxes and storage containers.

Found some great stuff and it didn't cost anything.

Be safe, East Coasters, as you dig out of the Blizzard of 2016.

Monday, January 18, 2016

 Today, I continued a long honored tradition, observed every year on the third Monday of January. My friend Julie works in an elementary school,  so she is off on MLK Day. In honor of a great man, we thrift shop until we drop on this day every year.

This morning, we met at a Good Will in a rural/suburban area about 30 minutes away. More kids in the store than usual on a weekday, but we had a couple of upbeat hours of solid thrifting. I came away with old baby booties in pink satin, old toy rolling pins ( 3 together , strange), cookie cutters
( even though they remain on the do not buy list) and a new clock for my bedroom.

The next phase of the tradition, enchiladas at Mexico Restaurant. Perfection!

Then we drove back toward the city of Richmond, where there is a dark old Salvation Army which always contains treasure. It is an absolutely Never Fail place, and today was no exception. I scored old baby dresses, a pale blue smocked baby coat, and an old Vanity Fair ballerina nightgown. Scrumptious!

We hugged good bye in front of the Salvation Army and headed back to our busy lives. Nothing like thrifting to cement a friendship.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

 A cloudy day in RVA. A good day to stay home, store vintage Christmas decorations, and organize the basement.

I have reached the point that all true hoarders reach someday ---my basement has become one of my favorite places to look for treasure.

Its so great to be looking for something and find something else entirely! Its always a good time investment --- even if the best you find is junk to throw away and old sweaters to pass along to the homeless shelter.

I have now lived in this house for 15 years, but some of the boxes in my basement were moved ,
unpacked, from my last house. So the possibilities are really endless.

Today's haul included: a tiny German bisque baby that I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Did I buy her during a wild night of drinking when my memory was impaired? Also, an old Valentine card belonging to my dear neighbor who recently died, a box of vintage costume jewelry that I am supposed to be selling for another  neighbor (oops), my Weight Watchers booklet from 1995, and a box of great old toys.

Such fun and the price is definitely right!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Very cold here in RVA! A good day for a lady's vintage wrap, like a white fur muff to keep the hands warm.

Sadly, I don't have one of those.

I did score some very pretty gloves yesterday, at my own antique mall.

You know that I sell at Oddballs Antiques, right here in RVA. Yesterday, I went in to put Christmas away and look for SALES. I was hoping  some of my fellow dealers had decided to put their amazing vintage Christmas collections at 50% off.

I have had my eye on some unique elves and a few vintage fashion items for myself. Unfortunately, none of those things were marked down.  I will keep waiting and hopefully patience will pay off. I
could give those elves such a loving home...

I zeroed in on booths offering 40 to 50% off. I did find a Marx dollhouse which, at 50% off, would be $45.00. I debated and finally left it there. Should I go back and grab it?  All advice is appreciated.

I did find one lovely bit of treasure... a pair of formal Kay Fuchs gloves,    over the elbow length, in pale pink satin. Made in Western Germany. They are really scrumptious, with rhinestone buttons on the backs of the wrists. So very feminine and classy! And they weren't even discounted! But the price was right, nevertheless.

After working in my booth for an hour and a half, these were a worthy reward.