Monday, January 18, 2016

 Today, I continued a long honored tradition, observed every year on the third Monday of January. My friend Julie works in an elementary school,  so she is off on MLK Day. In honor of a great man, we thrift shop until we drop on this day every year.

This morning, we met at a Good Will in a rural/suburban area about 30 minutes away. More kids in the store than usual on a weekday, but we had a couple of upbeat hours of solid thrifting. I came away with old baby booties in pink satin, old toy rolling pins ( 3 together , strange), cookie cutters
( even though they remain on the do not buy list) and a new clock for my bedroom.

The next phase of the tradition, enchiladas at Mexico Restaurant. Perfection!

Then we drove back toward the city of Richmond, where there is a dark old Salvation Army which always contains treasure. It is an absolutely Never Fail place, and today was no exception. I scored old baby dresses, a pale blue smocked baby coat, and an old Vanity Fair ballerina nightgown. Scrumptious!

We hugged good bye in front of the Salvation Army and headed back to our busy lives. Nothing like thrifting to cement a friendship.

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