Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pastel Vintage on Etsy

Here's Pastel Vintage!
Home from my trip to Florida and Savannah!

Always so good to be home, right?

My etsy shops are back online and I look forward to adding some new treasures in the next few days!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

More shopping today...

Today I have to give a shout out  to one of my favorite antique malls, Emiline's in Palmetto, Florida.

I had a fun time there today with my brother and sister in law.

And my husband, who usually only looks, became attached  to a set of 4 metal ice cream chairs with red vinyl seats. Before I knew it, he and my brother had paid for them and loaded them into our car. I may have to ride on top of them all the way to Virginia...

Back to Emiline's...brightly lit, clean, good AC, and friendly staff. It's easy to find... Right on Highway 301. 

I bought some awesome monogrammed hankies  which you will see in Pastel Vintage very soon.

Also an old souvenir Florida teapot, PINK, with a flamingo on the front. That may stay at my house.

So if you see a woman going north on 95 this week, sitting on top of an old ice cream chair, wave at me!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Friday!

Time to find an estate sale or two, wherever you live.

Yesterday I found treasure in an unlikely place...the Salvation Army in Venice, Florida. This is a dark barn of a building, usually full of wicker and rattan. But I always check the children's section for baby items. In 10 years, I have never found any, til now.

Approaching the half filled children's rack, I spied a pair of old baby shoes. Hmmm...

If someone has donated baby shoes from long ago, what else did they bring? I looked around for a few minutes and then began to find a few pieces, and then a few more, 1960's baby girl items.

Someone in this resort community had cleaned out a forgotten dresser and donated their baby girl's wardrobe! I spent a happy half hour holding dresses, gowns, and rubber lined panties up to the light.

I came away with a silk baby jacket, a Nannette dress, a formal sac, and a crystal pleated dress by Tiny Tots. All so sweet!

And did I mention that it was HALF PRICE DAY? See, crazy fun!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

So's time for Pastel Vintage to have a blog.

Pastel Vintage is my crazy fun vintage business which consists of finding, falling in love with, possessing, and occasionally selling vintage treasure.

I love patent leather, pearls, and polka dots.

I brake for taffeta and tulle.

I have been known to scream over vintage baby dresses, and to drool over crinolines. 

I joy in sniffing out all of the above and more wherever I can find it. 

So I hope  you'll stop by often to read about my crazy shopping adventures and to view some of my favorite things.