Sunday, July 26, 2015

More shopping today...

Today I have to give a shout out  to one of my favorite antique malls, Emiline's in Palmetto, Florida.

I had a fun time there today with my brother and sister in law.

And my husband, who usually only looks, became attached  to a set of 4 metal ice cream chairs with red vinyl seats. Before I knew it, he and my brother had paid for them and loaded them into our car. I may have to ride on top of them all the way to Virginia...

Back to Emiline's...brightly lit, clean, good AC, and friendly staff. It's easy to find... Right on Highway 301. 

I bought some awesome monogrammed hankies  which you will see in Pastel Vintage very soon.

Also an old souvenir Florida teapot, PINK, with a flamingo on the front. That may stay at my house.

So if you see a woman going north on 95 this week, sitting on top of an old ice cream chair, wave at me!

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