Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Friday!

Time to find an estate sale or two, wherever you live.

Yesterday I found treasure in an unlikely place...the Salvation Army in Venice, Florida. This is a dark barn of a building, usually full of wicker and rattan. But I always check the children's section for baby items. In 10 years, I have never found any, til now.

Approaching the half filled children's rack, I spied a pair of old baby shoes. Hmmm...

If someone has donated baby shoes from long ago, what else did they bring? I looked around for a few minutes and then began to find a few pieces, and then a few more, 1960's baby girl items.

Someone in this resort community had cleaned out a forgotten dresser and donated their baby girl's wardrobe! I spent a happy half hour holding dresses, gowns, and rubber lined panties up to the light.

I came away with a silk baby jacket, a Nannette dress, a formal sac, and a crystal pleated dress by Tiny Tots. All so sweet!

And did I mention that it was HALF PRICE DAY? See, crazy fun!

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