Thursday, November 5, 2015

WOW! Over 2 weeks without a post, which means, sadly, more than 14 days with no vintage shopping!

It has been a busy time ---  Halloween, getting my dad to some doctor's appointments, and gathering coats for needy kids. That shopping was fun!

Today is a rainy morning in RVA, and it seemed a good time to cover another of my favorite kinds of shopping, and the only kind that I have done lately: internet shopping.

An entirely different feel than searching a dim and dirty basement for treasure, but a treasure hunt nevertheless.

I don't mean buying a tablet from Amazon. I love buying from individuals online, and my favorite  sources are Etsy and Ebay.

Amazing how one can have a personal shopping experience with an individual across the country or the world, but it happens  many many times every day.

The internet has the distinct advantage of global searching; if you are craving a vintage felt elf with a gold suit for under $15, just put it in your search engine and get happy.

In the past week of busy days, I have found time for 2 internet purchases, and both qualify as  successful treasure hunts.

I bought a group of vintage knee hugger elves from ninermont on Ebay. Great seller with fair prices and reasonable shipping.

I also found a fabulous  etsy shop called Red Sled ornaments where a talented artist named Judi makes ornaments starting with images from old Christmas cards and postcards. Really attractive and fair pricing. Her shipping charge is the same for 1 ornament or 5, so  why buy only one?

So, for those of you who don't share my joy in getting your hands dirty while shopping, check out treasures online.

Just not at work...

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