Saturday, November 21, 2015

Well, I'm doing better --- two posts on two consecutive days! Yes, I have another shopping adventure to report, so clearly I am a happy camper. Or shopper.

Received a text last evening from a neighbor who was having a yard sale this morning. She stated that there might be Some Things that I would be interested in. Definitely capital letters when she said "Some Things", so I  hoped that there would be treasure with my name on it. And Eureka, there was.

She was selling the top of an old kitchen cabinet, glass in the doors, old shabby white paint, old aluminum handles. Long ago, someone had painted CHERRIES in the corners. So very cool. It is mine now. I will try to work it into my kitchen eventually, but for now, it is in my booth at Oddballs Antiques. Hoping to will draw people like me who love to peer into cabinets for tiny and interesting items.

I just have to wash it up a bit. Pictures to follow. I also bought a striped glass juice set, green glass candlesticks, a mercury glass candleholder for my Mom, a green Fiesta platter, and salt and pepper shakers. 

Yes, there are terrible things going on in the world, and yes, people need help every day, and I do try to do my part. But spending a little money on something old and bringing pride and pleasure to the person who sold it to me still seems like a worthwhile thing to do. 

PS -- The Putz church above is one of the treasures I bought from my friend referenced in the last  post.

Happy shopping!  

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