Friday, December 11, 2015

Haven't written a post in ages because, in case you haven't noticed, it's Christmas! My favorite time of the year. I love MidCentury Christmas and I so enjoy filling every surface in my home with it.

Christmas is also a time for reaching out to help others and I have tried to spend as much time as possible doing that as well. So I have done  no treasure hunting and even less blog posting.

Yesterday I had a fun day, a combination of friend time and shopping. My best shopping buddy Ruth Ann, often a star of this blog, is leaving for her home in Florida right after Christmas. So we took time out of our Christmas craziness yesterday to have some time together. We ate Mexican food, talked forever, and ended with dessert and gifts at my house.

But in between, we had to make one last treasure hunt until we reunite in spring 2016.

So... A few months ago, I spied a sketchy looking vintage store that had opened in a converted gas station. Not a cute converted gas station, but one that has been covered and reconverted until it looks tired. Yesterday we decided to check it out.

Fascinating! Two girls have divided the building down the middle and have separate shops. The first girl was just "setting up" when we arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon. (what?) Her merchandise was kind of piles of boxes and plastic storage tubs. She followed us around, apologizing that she was trying to get her shop set up because she had only been open since JULY. We were not impressed. I did find one German glass Christmas tree topper which is PINK, and paid her 2 dollars for it May not return to her shop.

We thought we had seen all that the gas station had to offer, but then we decided to check out the shop on the other side. Pay dirt! We met a lovely girl who was outside painting a table and chairs. She buys estates and sells her treasure in the gas station. We spent a happy 45 minutes combing through her small indoor/outdoor space.

She had an amazing  assortment of things. She had purchased a collection of MidCentury dogs, fascinating! I treated myself to one, an aqua daschund planter who I believe is unmarked McCoy.

If you read this blog, you will remember that a few months ago, I bought a pair of little girl's pink cowboy boots at one of my local haunts. Yesterday, I bought the exact pair of pink Durangos with steel tips. So strange, they were on a table of boots and they were absolutely meant for me. Different size but same boots! They will be online very shortly. I was impressed the this girl is working hard and running a fair business. Will absolutely go back after the first of the year.

I'm wishing each of you a peaceful holiday spent doing what makes you happy.

Remember to send out a prayer for peace in our world.

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