Friday, August 28, 2015

A perfect day in RVA. A blue sky with a few puffy clouds; temps only going into the mid 80's. A gentle breeze.  I know we need rain, but today is truly just about perfect.

Today I drove out into Hanover County, the "country ", to shop at a friend's house.

I met Carol when she became one of my  Etsy customers. Since then, we have had tea together and visited each other's homes. Carol's daughter has recently married and moved out of the area, so Carol is ready to sell some of the treasures that she had hoped her daughter might want someday.

We caught up for a while, and I had a nice conversation with Carol's new man friend. I also met his dog. Not surprisingly, I liked the dog best. The dog's name was Baxter. Or Brewster. The man's name was Berkeley. Or Baxter. Or Brewster.

We finally got down to serious looking and selling. What fun!

I came home with a box of 60's through 80's vintage baby items; lots of sweet dresses and 3 pair of tiny patent leather shoes. Baby boy outfits too.

I also bought Carol's Raggedy Ann and Andy from the 1960's and a tiny bisque doll. Perhaps my greatest treasure was her wooden tricycle from her childhood. A faded blue wood seat with  white bunnies painted on it!

A great start to the weekend. Will do my very best to avoid yard sales tomorrow.

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