Friday, August 7, 2015

One of my favorite shopping venues in recent years has been the home of my elderly  friend and neighbor, Dot.

Dot didn't need money, but she loved to play store. Frequent yard sales used to be her trademark and  when she became housebound, she moved on to house sales.

Her loyal housekeeper/ nurse would set up  folding tables , at Dot's direction, in her dining room. Then Dot would point and direct, and the nurse would fill the tables with possessions that Dot wanted to sell.

She always called me when this event was imminent, and we had great visits over those folding tables of treasures. I bought glass, pocket books; one time, a fudge box from a now defunct local department store, Thalhimers, with petrified fudge still inside.

Lots of Dot's possessions grace my home. In my bedroom, a pink purse of hers hangs on a wooden rack, next to a little sign that says "Do one thing every day that makes you happy."

Yesterday, I shopped in Dot's house for the last time. Dot died a couple of months ago at the age of 95. Her son invited me to  shop through what was left in her home.

Her son and I  had a great visit, reminiscing and laughing about his amazing mother.

We struck a deal on her large Karastan rug that I have coveted for years. Tomorrow I will redesign my dining room around it.

I also bought rhinestone shoe clips, a muslin bed jacket, a pink 1940s dress, a Mid Century clothes hamper, enamel flower pins, and gloves.

Perhaps best of all, I bought a showy flowered hat to hang in my bedroom next to her purse.

Buying the possessions of those who have died isn't creepy or sad. It continues that individual's legacy, tying the past to the future.

It is an even better experience when the individual is someone that you have known, and maybe even loved.

Rest in peace, sweet Dot.

Do one thing every day that makes you happy! 

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