Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cannot. Shop. Today. Absolutely not.

That was my plan for today as I drank my coffee on the screen porch this morning.

There was laundry to do, a vacuum to run. My parents needed some help. Plus, I had a grand day of thrifting with my friend Julie yesterday.

So... Absolutely not.

The day was clicking along according to plan until my son called about 1:00 and needed a ride to pick up his car from the service center.

No problem; grabbed my wallet and took off.

I could not be held accountable for the inviting array of yard sale signs around the Farmer's Market on Lakeside Avenue, another of my favorite shopping haunts.

Sadly, it was now after 1:00, and most of the sales were packed up, vanished except for their enticing signs.

Why would you stop anyway? I asked myself, You found everything you needed yesterday.

 Or did I?

I recalled that Julie had searched for a vintage syrup pitcher to hold her evaporated milk. Winter is coming and she will need milk for her tea. Thus, a syrup pitcher is vital.

I continued on my way home and then I saw it; some women loading the remains of their sale into tired cardboard boxes.

I stopped. After all, Julie needed her pitcher.

"Still open for shopping?" I asked. They were happy to have another shopper and ready to deal.

They were lovely girls.  We visited; I met a cat named Zoe; I arranged to shop with them at another yard sale next weekend at another sister's home.

I left with a white McCoy vase, an old aquarium castle, some amazing 1960's plastic toy brooches
 (original package!),an ironstone hen on a nest,  and yes, a syrup pitcher.

It's not as old or as fine as what I had in mind for Julie, but it will probably work for her.

And if not, it was worth the stop.

I could not make this stuff up. 

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