Monday, August 3, 2015

Here's an interesting doll! I received a phone call last month from a woman who had picked up my business card in the brick and mortar shop where I sell, OddBalls Antiques in Henrico, VA.

She chatted a while; then invited me to come to her home to view  items that she would like to sell. She enticed me with the promise of her Shirley Temple doll from her childhood. I would have gone to an axe murderer's house for a chance to see  and possibly buy a 1940's compo Shirley.

And as another teaser, she promised Mid Century printed tablecloths! 

With the help of my GPS, I arrived at her home in a well to do neighborhood. I found the woman to be a pleasant retired teacher who had actually sold at an antique mall where I once had a booth.

So... talking points!

Sadly, her formal taste did not jive with my own shabby lacy I just like it  taste, and neither Shirley nor any tablecloths were in sight. She promises to look for both and call me again.

But I did buy a few items: a hand cut silhouette of her daughter, now aged 60; a smocked baby dress, a much older silk baby dress, and... this pretty girl.

She is a mystery girl, but oh so pretty. She has the grace of a Madame Alexander, but she is unmarked.

I had hoped to refurbish her myself, but now I am thinking that I do not need yet another project.

Even without hair, she is hauntingly beautiful. 

So if anyone has any thoughts about who this doll is or who made her, I would love to hear them.

Meanwhile, I will probably trek back to my new friend's home soon, ever in search of Shirley. 

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