Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring may have finally landed in RVA. I sure hope so!

Today has been a beautiful April Saturday. After a cool start, the sun is now beaming down on bright green grass and azaleas of every shade. Today is why I continue to live in Virginia.

Even though I was tired from working all week, I decided to hit one yard sale today. And, since I haven't seen much of my husband this week, I invited him along. A date and treasure hunting rolled into one!

I heard of the sale through a girl I know only slightly. My reputation as a treasure hunter led her to call and invite me. She and her sister are moving from their childhood home after a lifetime of accumulation. They grew up in this home, she told me, and have never really felt like disposing of many of their parents' things. She also told me that she and her sister were ready to part with their collection of Barbies. No old ones, she clarified, but hope springs eternal...

I had a hard time falling asleep last night, so excited about what a lifetime of treasure would look like. When we pulled up at the house, I was truly surprised that there wasn't more stuff sitting in the yard. I must remember that not everyone has been as blessed with stuff as I have.

I chatted with the two sisters as I made a circuit of the yard. First, I picked up an old wooden rocking baby bear from the 1960's. That alone was worth the drive, I decided. In a few minutes , I had accumulated a beautiful cut glass pitcher, an armful of doilies, and an old  hand painted lemon dish which my mom will love.

I was determined NOT to look at the Barbies, as they are definitely on the DO NOT BUY list. But, even though there were in fact no old ones, and even though I have an entire closet full of Barbies already, I looked. Just a little. I found one 50th Anniversary Bubble Cut that I don't have, for $10. I decided that I could treat myself to her.

When I looked around to find my husband, I saw something amazing. My  sweet Paul was SHOPPING. If you know Paul, you know that he is opposed to treasure, stuff, possessions, collectibles, antiques, knick knacks, and accumulation of any kind. So I was amazed to see him discussing price with one of the sisters. An uncommon sight.

Background ... this week we had our bumpy old driveway paved. Again. We are so tired of cracked asphalt that we went with something new. Basically, I think it consists of layers of asphalt over the old stuff, with a layer of cute brown pebbles poured on top. Then repeat.  Don't know if it will last, but we are hopeful that because it LOOKS different, it will last longer. The bottom of the driveway opens up into a kind of patio behind our house, surrounded by shade trees and flower beds. We are hoping that this new surface on the driveway will allow us to sit outside and enjoy the driveway as a kind of shabby piazza.

So, my husband was thinking seating. And he was dickering on, not just any seating, but an old set of wicker! Truly unbelievable. It occurred to me that it wasn't practical, and we probably didn't need it, but the shock of seeing my husband shopping caused me to remain mute.

Before I knew it, he had purchased two beautiful old wicker highback chairs and a side table. I was absolutely giddy with surprise and delight. I hurried to help load them in the pick up before he came to his senses.

After a discussion on the ride home, we decided to install the antique wicker on the screen porch and move our all weather wicker from Lowe's to the new piazza. We had a fun morning of positioning, repositioning, and repositioning, with an eye to what Country Living Magazine might do with the space. Tomorrow some painting may need to happen as well. The project may not be a success, and eventually, the driveway will succumb to the tree roots again.

But just now I am thrilled with our project and our hour of yard saling together.

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