Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy April Fools' Day!

Any holiday is an excuse to go thrifting, even this one. My girlfriend who works in an elementary school is on Spring Break this week, so we decided to make a day of it. This may not have been our best shopping decision ever, as the stores we visited were overflowing with  shoppers: adults, children, seniors; it seemed that everyone in Richmond, Virginia was shopping today.

My friend had brought a box of donations for the Goodwill, so we just HAD to go inside and see what  exciting things they had today. This stop was before lunch, so the store wasn't too crowded when we began. I found a few tops for my grand daughter and a great Talbot's linen shirt for myself. No real treasure until I spotted these... a pair of Durango cowboy boots in my size! Black and cream with very little wear. The price... $6.00. Now we are talking Treasure!

I may sell them; I know I should sell them; but I felt pretty snazzy strutting around the house with them on when I got home, so we'll see...

Our next stop was Fantastic Thrift, a great thrift store in Richmond's Fan District. It's not on my beaten path and I don't get there often, so I was pretty psyched. I backed into the last place in the parking lot. I am terrified of backing my car up, so if I back into a parking space somewhere, it is a place that I REALLY want to go.

If you read this site, you know that I am never intimidated by a dirty, dingy, dark or dangerous shopping venue, but today Fantastic did me in. It was so crowded that  my friend and I abandoned the one shopping cart we could find because we couldn't negotiate the  crowded aisles with it. The noise of so many people was intimidating too; it felt as if someone was looking  over my shoulder every minute, urging me to hurry.

After about 30 minutes, I had snagged only one vintage dress pattern and one book; I discarded them and told my friend that I would meet her at the door. Still, not a wasted trip because I earned courage points for backing my SUV into that parking space!

Our last stop was  another of my favorites, Diversity Thrift. This is a fabulous quirky store which is full of fabulous quirky people... both the shoppers and the staff.

I have been haunting Diversity for the past few months because someone donated a doll collection. I saw the collection when it was new in the store and most of the dolls were pretty pricey. Through the magic of a thrift store color system, I have returned and have been able to buy a few dolls at 10% off, then a couple more at 25% off. Each time, the cashier has let me go behind the front counter to look closely at the dolls, who are housed on the prestigious behind the counter shelves.

Today I went  to check on the dolls first. I was thrilled to see that their color tag was 50% off this week! I determined that this would be my Deal of the Day and was hoping to take any remaining decent dolls home with me.

So perhaps  I wasn't thinking clearly. I went to the end of the counter as I have twice before and walked slowly around to the doll shelves. I said quietly to the cashier ,"I'm just coming around to see the dolls." Honestly, I have done this twice before. But apparently the staff of Diversity Thrift had intruder training yesterday and I looked like an intruder. Three staff members were there instantaneously, blocking my way. "YOU CANNOT COME BACK HERE", one mammoth tattooed girl announced.

Sorry, I said, it's just that I am hoping to buy some dolls and I really need to see them up close...

 This large tattooed girl was apparently frightened by me, an unarmed weakling with no tattoos; frightened enough to raise a pretty loud alarm. Another saleswoman swooped in and asked me which dolls I wanted to see, so I must have frightened the girl past the ability to function.

I reviewed the remaining dolls, and chose only one. No law enforcement was called and I managed to finish my shopping without incident. Other than the doll, the store seemed pretty picked over today. I left one 1970's prom dress because it had a dirty hem and appeared likely to turn into a project that might remain in my house for years to come.

So not the greatest day of thrifting ever, but my friend and I had a fun time being together and   vowed to do it again soon. After Spring Break is over.

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