Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It's winter again in RVA. Cold wind, snow just a few miles up the road, and a freeze warning tonight. Meanwhile, azaleas, wisteria, and dogwood are in full bloom. Life in central Virginia is unpredictable, but the soaring beauty of spring here is worth the roller coaster ride.

No shopping opportunities early in the week, so yesterday I had a shopping trip through my basement. It's always profitable; clears out space, gives me inspiration, and reconnects me with forgotten treasure.

One of my best finds yesterday, sleeping in a cloth grocery bag, was a trio of Holly Hobbie dolls from the 1970's. These aren't rag dolls; they are the less common vinyl dolls. So sweet, with their squinty eyes, calico outfits and oversized bonnets.

Holly Hobbie was a favorite of mine in the seventies; my mom and I loved to send each other the greeting cards, and I think  I had rag dolls, collectors' plates, and framed prints. The character was created by American Greetings; then Knickerbocker made her into a rag doll, using the specs of Raggedy Ann.  Holly had two dear friends, Carrie and Amy, who also became dolls. Now they are popular girls in antique malls: dolls, figurines, even lunch boxes.

It was great to find these girls, bought as I recall at an online sale a few years back. I will sell them, as my overflowing doll case holds my very own Holly and her friends from decades back.

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