Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A rainy afternoon in RVA. Time for searching for treasure in my basement and closets.

I had a specific purpose today. last night, an Etsy customer contacted me with a fascinating project. She is using a vintage theme for her daughter's first birthday party. She is looking for a vintage outfit for her daughter and for other babies who will be at the party. The mommies are also hoping to wear vintage. Of course, a photographer will be there to capture their adorableness in their vintage outfits.

What fun! After checking her daughter's measurements and mom's preferences, I went on the hunt through plastic boxes and closets. Found 5 beautiful possibilities for the birthday girl. All have been here for some time and probably would have been sold already except for procrastination, a besetting sin of mine. Treasure indeed --- one Castro, one Feltman Brothers, 3 made in the Philippines.

Two were in need of a button replacement, and I am so prone to procrastinate if a needle is involved. Another is a delicate 1940's baby dress which I have put off ironing because its fabric is so fragile and in danger of scorching.

Now I have ironed them all, but I must admit that no buttons have been sewn. More fun to write a blog post instead!

Thought my readers might enjoy seeing these pretty little dresses, so here they are.

So much fun!

Haven't had as much luck finding a vintage outfit for Mom, as my supply of ladies' vintage is not as deep as my supply of baby dresses. ( One can never have too many baby dresses...) But I sent her a few feelers, and we will talk again tonight.

While looking for baby dresses, I found something I have been looking for for months! Yes, this says a mouthful about my organizational skills. Last year, a girlfriend asked me to sell her childhood dolls, which date to the 1960's. The first two, a Tiny Tears and a Bubbles doll in her original box, sold easily. But the third doll, a large Effanbee baby doll, needed some TLC on her outfit. My friend mended the clothes, I soaked the clothes and dried them in the sunshine and then...I lost them.

Not lost them in the larger world, of course, but lost them in my laundry basket, which is really many many baskets. In the midst of the baby dress hunt, I found her sweet nylon panties, slip, bonnet and dress. I was thrilled and so was she! I have gently pressed them, and she is so happy to be a dressed up girl again!

On the whole, a productive rainy day at Pastel Vintage!

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