Friday, May 27, 2016

Unexpected treasure hunts! Sometimes they are the best. This morning, I reluctantly helped my husband Paul pick up his truck from a repair appointment. I would much rather  have stayed home, had another cup of coffee, and played with old stuff, but, grumbling a bit, I helped him out.

On the way to the repair place, I spied an estate sale sign; surprising on this Memorial Day weekend. I delivered Paul to pick up his truck and on  the way home, I decided to check the sale out. I drove into a residential neighborhood to find a modest home with a for sale sign in the yard and an estate sale sign beside it. I parked, called my husband and told him I would be a few minutes late getting home. He decided to join me. Trouble was, I hd no idea which  street I was on... I had just followed the estate sign. I brake for estate sales, as the bumper sticker says.

I approached a solemn looking elderly gentleman sitting under  his carport and asked what street I was on. He looked at me as if I might have a mental defect, but he did give me the info I needed for Paul.  With the ice broken, I began to talk to the man and his daughter.

By the time Paul arrived, I knew that the man's wife had died in April, that he had retired from driving a beer truck, and that he had been a committed golfer. His daughter was cool at first, but warmed up when she offered to sell me the entire contents of her mother's gardening shed for $1.00.

Forty five minutes later, Paul and I wished the golfer the best of luck for his move to Texas to live with the daughter on her goat farm. I had scored a Mattel Baby 1st Step in near mint condition, aqua  vintage glass, and a vegetable bowl in Homer Laughlin Virginia Rose, along with a boatload of potting soil from the shed.

Paul, my usually reluctant shopper, bought a leaf blower and a Calloway golf bag. We both went home smiling.

This afternoon, I took my elderly neighbor to the doctor. She often comes up with interesting treasures for me to  consign for her. Today, she  found more ivory which her mother brought back from Japan in the late 1940's, just after World War II. In previous blog posts, I have written about her amazing collection of treasures from the east, which she stores in drawers while displaying her Beanie Babies. No accounting for taste!

Today, I brought home an ivory cigarette holder, an ivory fan, and a pair of ivory hair pins. Beautiful stuff. Will have to do a bit of research before doing anything with these.

So... lots of treasure hunting today, all in a day's errands.

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