Thursday, May 26, 2016

After two  crummy weeks of weather, May has finally arrived in RVA. Gorgeous weather yesterday and this morning... flowers and birds... green grass... magnolia blossoms... all the stereotypes of Virginia in the spring time. All true!

I just arrived home from a short trip to Venice, Florida, one of my repeat shopping spots. All of my regular treasure spots did me proud once more!

At Emmeline's Antique Mall in Palmetto, I bought some beautiful china for beautiful prices.  My brother scored a walnut fern stand for $20.

At the Venice  Salvation Army, I bought some vintage pyrex, and my mom found a chocolate pot, Bavarian and beautifully painted. The lid has a crack but she has an attic full of lids, so that isn't a major problem.

I also brought home this pretty girl that I bought at Emmeline's    in the winter. Couldn't bring her home then because I was flying. Since this  time we made a road trip, she is now residing in my Etsy room. She has a new dress and shoes, and we are still shopping for socks, panties and a bonnet. Maybe a coat when she gets cold! Guess I will name her Emmeline.

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