Monday, February 29, 2016

I am HOME after a great week in Florida visiting my parents. My mom, who is 83, also loves to scour dark and dirty places looking for treasure, and Venice, Florida is such a great place to find it.

I scored beautiful vintage hankies in a dark flea market in Palmetto, including initial hankies in M and V. This was my first find in this flea market, and I will definitely return.

I also revisited two of my Florida favorites --- Emmeline's Antique Mall in Palmetto and the Rialto Goodwill in Venice.

In Emmeline's, I found a beautiful compo baby doll. She isn't marked, but judging from her material, I believe that she dates to the 1930's. She is large and heavy and feels like a real baby. Sadly, I had to leave her in Florida, so I don't have a photo. She will wait until I make a driving trip down ; just  couldn't get her on the airplane. Can't wait to choose a dress and bonnet for her to wear!

The Rialto Goodwill isn't as reasonable as the Salvation Army, but I did find some treasures that were too good to leave behind.

Someone had brought in a load of baby clothes which probably date to the 1970's. Some lovely pieces, plus a tiny pair of red and white crib shoes, like tiny oxfords, Made in Japan. Pristine, so clean, so sweet!

It's great to be back in Virginia tonight, and it doesn't hurt that the weather here is just about perfect.

I had a great week of online sales while I was away.

I need to get items shipped tonight to make room for more treasure--- Thursday and Friday I will be shopping at Mecca, also known as the Emmittsburg Antique Mall in Emmittsburg, Maryland.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Sharon, sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful time and found some great treasures. Lovely hankie and pearls photo. Congrats on your sales too. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day. xo