Saturday, February 13, 2016

I am a bad blogger, giving my readers nothing interesting for a very long time. That's because I have NOT been shopping. No, really. No estate sales, no eBay, not even a brief run into the Good Will. Nothing.

Winter has been cold and cruel indeed!

But... today I have a story. I have been working this week in a part of the county about 40 minutes from here; a semi rural area that looks much as it did a generation ago. And along the way, among old farms, old houses, and Mom and Pop stores, I smelled... TREASURE.

I couldn't wait for the  school day to end because I had spotted a flea market across the road from the school. It looked so inviting. An old hanging banner blowing in the winter wind proclaimed "Antiques" and a matching banner said "Thrift Store". I would be delighted with either, or both.

I headed across the road as soon as I left school in the midst of a gentle snow flurry. The owner was sitting in his car to keep warm but was happy to accompany me inside. The shop was dark, dimly lit, and full of stuff. But so cold. I made my way around and checked out a few promising things. Most items had no prices.  Items with prices were a bit high, but he promised to make me a good deal. I started to ask for a good price on a StarTrek Barbie and Ken in their original box but I was so cold that I lost interest. I took his card and thanked him, and I will definitely hit the Route 5 Flea Market another day.

Disappointed, I headed back up the road toward civilization. After driving for 20 minutes or so, I decided to make a stop at a thrift store that I like but haven't visited for months, because it is not on my regular route. It's bright and clean and supports a cancer hospital for kids, so it's always worth a look when I'm out that way. Usually the items are new, but I have had a few good finds there over the years, including a Vanity Fair full slip in bright red a couple of years ago. Hope springs eternal in my shopping breast...

As I got out of the car, I spied an item with my name on it in the  store window. SHARON, the German coffee pot said. I went inside to find that it was tagged $8.98. German, marked, with lid, perfect. And hey, it's for the kids, right?

I asked the lady at the counter to hold it for me while I made my rounds. Not much in the clothing and linens. One little Imp jacket which might sell for Easter, but not a great color. A   pretty vintage wedding gown, but it looked like a project that I don't have time for.

Then, strolling through the furniture, I found a shabby green typewriter stand, very old, of wood and metal. Its beautiful light green paint was mostly intact. SO so cute. The price was right, and it's for the kids...

So I drove home in the end of the snow flurry with my two pieces,  content. The typewriter stand will probably go to add spring color to my booth at OddBalls Antiques, and the coffeepot will join many friends in my living room.

Happy Valentines' Day to me!  And to all of you as well!

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