Thursday, August 18, 2016

A pretty good day of thrifting today in RVA!

First, I've had some questions about the pretty quilt doll that I posted this morning, so here is a link to find out more about her.

She is a pretty girl.

Now, back to today. My best thrifting buddy Julie and I started out early. Our first stop was a suburban Goodwill in the more affluent end of our county. They were stuffed full of treasure!

My best finds were a Razor scooter for our grand daughter for $5.45, a vintage European BMW
 t shirt for my BMW driving son, and a Mid Century salt and pepper set which are POTATOES! Cute little baked potatoes, with   sour cream and pats of butter, with their paper Japan s ticker still on the bottom.

I also brought home a nice floral print ironstone platter. I KNOW that I have seen this pattern before , but WHERE? The back says only "Naomi".  Would love to hear from anyone with info on this pattern!

No chips or cracks. It does have some brown burn marks, but I'm pretty sure I can bleach these away; that usually works for me. It was the half price color of the week, so it cost $1.85. Yea!

Our second stop was another Goodwill closer in to the city. Slimmer pickings here. I did get 4 ruby glass etched plates, perfect for Christmas cookies. Again, they were the half price color, so they cost about $1.10 for all  4.

We took a break for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, conveniently located along Broad Street, which is Thrifting Central in my area.  After refueling on taco salads, we headed to what is my current favorite thrift store, CHKD, which supports a cancer hospital for kids. LOVE their merchandise, their adorable salespeople, and the fact that  those of us over 55 receive 25% off on Thursday!

We had a fabulous time and found MUCH treasure!

Check out this sweet little potty chair with a lamb decal on the back. It folds up for storage. So cute and in nice condition.

I wondered if someone had brought in a load of old baby items, because I also bought a vintage nursery jar with a milk glass lid and pale blue character running around the edges, very sweet.

If you frequent my Etsy shop, Pastel Vintage, you know that I adore old baby things.

I also bought a plastic bag stuffed with old sewing notions, pink rickrack and lace hem tape. They will probably be a surprise gift for my friend Ruth Ann who collects such things.

So a great thrifting trip in RVA, with Mexican food to boot. I continue to be a lucky girl.

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