Friday, July 15, 2016

Haven't written in a while. I truly haven't had any great shopping adventures lately, but I plan to make up for that soon.

I have had fun this morning playing Christmas. Temps in RVA this week have been in the mid 90's, so why not think of Christmas and cool off, right?

I tend to buy so much Christmas treasure throughout the year that, when the busy season arrives, I don't have time to see what I have and decide what to display and what to sell. So, a new tradition... Christmas in July.

I have been   sorting and listing and have  definitely found some treasure right here in my own relatively cool basement.

Here's just one example: a sweet Lefton angel, complete with her foil sticker. She reminds me of the Swedish angels who wear a candle wreath, or crown, or something like that, on their blonde heads.


Stay cool everyone and get those Christmas decorations organized while there is still time.

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